Real Estate

Racine Law accepts retainers for Sales, Purchases, mortgages and refinances.

Here at Racine Law we understand that your life is hectic and that on top of all of your normal activities you now have to organize movers and packing! The last thing that you want is to have to organize your lawyer! We attempt to make the transition from home to home as easy and seamless as possible. Where possible we communicate with you over e-mail and the telephone, so that you only have to organize an attendance, or meeting at your home, for signing your documents.

When it comes time to sign all documents we book a full hour with the lawyer, so that you may review all documents, including a search of your property and, if required, your adjoining land search, without you feeling rushed, or that there is no time for questions.

Here at Racine Law you can speak directly with your lawyer, who is closely supervising all aspects of your file.